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Timeless Fashions That Will Never Die

Fashion constantly changes and what was hot last year is a not this year. But a few things will always stay in fashion no matter what happens.


Mircoles, 21 de Abril de 2021 | 13:02 (actualizado a las 20:31)
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Who’s Got The Look?


Fashions go and fashions come and sometimes it can be quite difficult to stay on top what is in and what is not. Runway fashion gets designed as high-end couture and from there the designs that were the most popular gets redesigned and simplified for everyday wear. Some of these pieces have a shelf life of only one season.


Yet every now and again a fashion piece gets to hit the rails that stays a classic no matter how many other pieces hits the same shelves. Clothing can set a mood for the day and make you feel good about yourself. Fashion is psychologically more important than what we give it credit for. When you look good, you will feel good and feeling good effects everything that you do.


The Little Black Dress


The little black dress or LBD as it is affectionately called is a must have in any woman’s closet. The ideal LBD should not be elaborate at all. A plain cut dress that fits every curve perfectly. Try to have one that sits on the knee and show no cleavage. Having these three basic criteria’s for your LBD makes it an incredibly versatile number that can be worn as is or dressed up to use as a fancy outfit for a night out on the town.


The Classic Cardigan


It is good to have an item of clothing that can dress up another outfit, whether you’re out and about or enjoying apuestas de futbol Argentina. Something that can be stylish or plain as well as practical and comfortable. The classic cardigan can should a neutral colour like black or grey or white. Neutral colours will allow you to wear this item with everything else that you’ve hiding in your closet, even your LBD. Whether you are going to the office or going for drinks with friends, a cardigan is a number one hit, especially on the colder nights.


The Formal White Dress Shirt


The formal white dress shirt might seem silly to have on a list like this, but it is truly one of the most versatile items of clothing and it can be as trendy as activewear. The white dress shirt can be worn with anything and for any event. From white tie to casual the shirt goes. Button it up for a tie or leave it unbuttoned. Roll up the sleaves and wear with knee length cargos as beach wear. There is probably not a single item of clothing that can do everything the dress shirt can and being white ensures it goes with everything.


Levis On The Backside


Jeans have been worn by all people from all walks of live for all reasons. Their durability allows them to last a lifetime and their classic look make them acceptable in almost every setting. Of course, you cannot a good pair of jeans to a black-tie event, but the jean has even rocked the runway at the Oscars. Jeans now come in so many different shapes and cuts that it might be more accurate to say that denim – not jean – is the most versatile fabric.

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