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Pope Francis’s Attempts To Be Gay Inclusive

Pope Francis has done many amazing things to bring the holy mother church out of the dark ages. Is his stance on gay marriage one of them? Find out more.

Mircoles, 21 de Abril de 2021 | 13:00 (actualizado a las 13:01)
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Argentina, The Pontiff And Gay Marriage


In 2013 the Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was sworn in as the new Pontiff of the holy church of Rome. In that first year as the newly elected Pope Francis – first of his name – he said that he has no right to judge gay people. This sparked many mixed reactions. It was the first time that the Catholic church outright said that it is not a sin for which you will be punished eternally. It seemed that the new Pope was willing to bring the Church out of the dark ages and more in line with Buddhism and other more accepting religions.  


Civil Rights Union V.S. Marriage


The Pontiff has been very known to support the Civil Rights bill that allows people in the LGBTQ+ community to get ‘married’. In fact, he made a statement in 2020 that stated that he feels that homosexual people have the right to belong to a family, to start a family. He said that we are all children of God and that no one should be miserable in life due to their sexual orientation and that no one should be thrown away because of it.


During his time as cardinal – from the years 1998 to 2013 – Pope Francis was known to work on the matter of civil rights union for the LGBTQ+ community in Argentina. For a while, this was seen as a great celebration for the then cardinal. But it soon came to realisation that perhaps his motives are not at all as sincere as what we thought. During his time as Pope, he has elaborated on his stance on the matter, and all is not moonshine and roses


Yes, it is true that the Pontiff lobbied for the civil union act for the LGBTQ+ community. It is also true that he made all of those statements about all of us being God’s children. However, he has also stated that he does not believe that people of the LGBTQ+ community should be allowed to join in marriage – i.e., holy matrimony. If he works on allowing the civil union partnership for the LGBTQ+ community then he can dangle that in front of them while not allowing them to get married like straight couples.


The Contradiction


What is quite difficult to understand is the actual stance that the Pope has on homosexuals. While he says that he has no right to judge and that we are all of the children of god, he also states that having homosexual tendencies is not a sin, but that acting on these tendencies is a sin according to the Christian teachings. It creates some confusion on his stance since he also stated that homosexuals have right to have a family.


Upon further inspection we can understand it in the following way. You can be homosexual and seek God. The Catholic Church will not turn its back on you. So long as you are not a practising homosexual. Hence the civil union act partnership is okay as it is not a holy matrimony. But to allow a holy matrimony would be to allow homosexual people to practise their homosexuality and this according to the Pope is against Gods will. It’s quite confusing, unlike  when you apostas no futebol de Macau, which is very clear cut.

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