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A Few Things From Argentina That Will Tickle Your Taste Buds

Argentina is rich in culture and history. However, no trip to Argentina would be complete, if you do net get to taste the cuisine. Find out what you need to eat!

Mircoles, 21 de Abril de 2021 | 12:58 (actualizado a las 12:59)
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Traditional Argentine Food


From Evita Peron to the inventing of radio broadcasting, Argentina is a rich and fully loaded tourist attraction. One of the biggest attractions of this South American country is the exquisite cuisine that they have to offer. The tongue in cheek explanation for the mouth-watering food, is that Argentine has had 2 female presidents. Women at the head creates for a homely environment and what says that better than good food?


Hip Hip Haroo, For Asado


The term Asado does not really refer to any one specific plate of food. It is more of an event. Even though the plate of food is not specific, it is the national dish of Argentina. So, what is Asado then if it isn’t a specific dish. For asado, meat is cooked on a parilla – the argentine word for a grill. Asado is pretty much a good old-fashioned barbeque, but it is an event attended by friends and family. With meats and salads and breads and a lot of good cheer.


Viva, Empanada


The word empanada quite literally means wrapped in bread. Bread does not have to be taken literally but can also be understood as dough. Empanada is in fact similar to an English Cornish Pasty. The big difference is that the empanada can have a filling of whatever it is that the heart desires. People have been known to get creative with their fillings creating a feast of food out of a dish that is traditionally served as an appetizer.


Choripan For Everyone


There is a joke that says that you can order anything in Argentina, and you will get beef on a bun. Choripan is probably where this comes from. Choripan is an incredibly popular street food in Argentina. It is really a thick beef sausage that gets grilled and then placed on a hot dog bun. Traditionally served with chimichurri – a spicey pesto – these delicious treats are commonly served at sporting events or as an easy lunch time meal.


 Provoleta is Perfecta


Like Mexico, Argentina is one of the places in the world that has perfected the art of grilling cheese as a meal. Provoleta is really just provolone cheese that gets grilled. It is topped with chili flakes and oregano, which enhances the taste. Besides for a smoky and creamy flavour, the perfect provoleta should be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Before serving it as an appetizer, it gets taken out of the foil and drizzled with olive oil.




Milanesa is one of the most versatile things that you could serve when enjoying apuestas deportivas Argentina. Quite simply put, milanesa is a piece of meat that gets fried once an egg-based batter covers it. Really it gets crumbed. Traditionally the best cut of meat to do this with in Argentina would be a silverside beef steak, however chicken is also a popular meat to do this with. Once you have your milanesa you can serve it many ways. One popular way is on a slice of bread with a fried egg on top.

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