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Video Games Takes The Place Of Horror Movies In Scariest Listing

Scary horror video games have taken the place of scary movies to get the heart racing. Let’s look at some of the scariest video games there are.

Mircoles, 21 de Abril de 2021 | 12:52 (actualizado a las 12:53)
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The Scariest Video Games Out


In many ways the age of video games has taken over the age of movies. Video games have become incredibly popular and partly because it allows you to be a part of what is happening. No longer do you simply have to watch as the characters run for their lives, but you get to be the character that fights the evil that is chasing you and hopefully save the day. It races the heart and gets the adrenalin going on a level that horror movies could never do.




Never has there been a game that has been more perfectly named as this one. In the game you play a little boy that is looking for his sister in a world that is hazy and dark. But your questions of why and where are never answered which simply adds to the high-strung atmosphere of the game. Trying to survive in a nightmare like setting where black and white monsters that are also not defined – are trying to catch you and kill you. This game is sure to get you riled up.


Dead Space


From the moment that the game starts you are faced with an alien – called a Necromorph – that pretends to play dead and as you get closer to investigate, you realise that it is very much alive as it attacks you. This lets you know from the very start that you are never safe when playing this game. Even in circumstances like safe rooms – as most other games have – you could at any point be attacked by an alien species that you do not know at all.


Until Dawn


The 1990’s gave new birth to the teenage slasher horror film genre. Packed cinemas watched as teens were killed off while the audience tried to figure out who the killer is all while being scared whittles. Until Dawn follows a group of teens into a cabin in the woods for some weekend fun. Then a creature that is unknown starts to kill each one. If you survive depends entirely on how well you are able to navigate each character.


Silent Hill


A rather old game but still a best seller. The game follows a father that is in search of his daughter as she went missing in a horrible car crash. You are left in a broken down haunted town where every now and again, after a siren goes off, you are transported into a parallel world that resembles something from hell. Here you are chased by demons and all types of nasties alike. The only thing warning you that you might be in danger is a crackle on a radio.


Resident Evil


A franchise of games that is bound to get you so scared that you will pause the game just to have a coffee break. In fact, the games were so popular that it sparked a series of movies and there are even slots Argentina based on the theme. It is filled with a huge scare factor as you battle zombies that were really created by a virus that was man made. But man-made zombies are not the only thing that you have to battle. The Umbrella Corporation is the main villain responsible for the infestation.

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