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Breaking The Box Office Isn’t Something That Every Movie Achieves

Besides for entertainment purposes, the movie industry also is a business that has to make money. Which movie has made the most money at the box office?

Mircoles, 21 de Abril de 2021 | 12:46 (actualizado a las 12:46)
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Highest Grossing Movies Of All Time


Movies have entertained us for many years. Actors have a need to make audiences fall in fall with their characters and to thereby entertain you the viewer. But movies cost money to create and everyone working on it needs to paid. When a movie does well at the box office it is highly celebrated and when a movie breaks the box office it means that it has done exceptionally well. The 5 highest grossing movies are ….


5. Avengers: Infinity War


Infinity War is the 3rd Avengers movie and the 19th Marvel universe movie. Released in 2018 the movie introduced us the villain called Thanos. Based on the comic book it created quite the audience as fans of the comic wanted to know if the movie would life up to its predecessors as well as the comic book series. It was huge success grossing $2,048,359,754. Cleverly it was the first instalment of a two-part movie series that would hopefully carry on doing as well.


4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens


In 2015 the much-anticipated episode 7 of the Star Wars saga was released. It was the first Disney owned Star Wars movie to be created. It had been years of waiting for this instalment and the fans flocked to the cinemas to see the new film. It broke the record of all other Star Wars movies and is still the highest grossing Star Wars movie ever, making $2,068,223,624. Despite its huge box office success, there were some mixed feelings about the film from die-hard fans.


3. Titanic


When the Titanic set sail in the cinemas in 1997, no one knew that it would become the box office hit that was……well, titanic. James Cameron – the mastermind behind the film – took an historical ship, recreated it and wrapped in a beautiful love story. This attracted audiences that liked both historical accuracies as well as those that like a good love story. The movie grossed a titanic $2,194,439,542 and all of this even when fans already knew how the movie would end.


2. Avengers: End Game


The final instalment to the series and the second, of a two-part movie series, End Game was bound to break the budget and the box office. The stars were aligned, and the marketing was phenomenal. End Game was destined to do well at the box office from the get-go. But no one knew how well it would do. When it grossed an incredible $2,797,501,328, it was as marvellous as the infinity stones themselves.


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