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The Best Gadgets Of 2020 That Are Worth Checking Out

2020 has been a difficult year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have nice toys. Check out some of the best gadgets to hit the market in the last year.

Viernes, 20 de Noviembre de 2020 | 21:36 (actualizado a las 21:37)
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The Best Gadgets Available Right Now


Although we often take it for granted, we’re actually living in the future right now. We’ve got access to powerful technologieslike smartphones and computers, along with a myriad of different gadgets, all designed to make our lives that much easier. 2020, despite all the mishaps and unexpected events, had produced some of the very coolest gadgets of all time, all of which are designed either just because they’re fun to have, or because they are slowly pushing us further into the future.


These are the best, current gadgets on the market that would make a great present for either yourself or a family member.


Wireless Charging Stands


Wireless charging is here to stay, and allows for modern smartphones to charge efficiently without having to be plugged in. There are a lot of different charging pads available at the moment, but perhaps the best is the Mophie Wireless Charging dock, which not only provides wireless charging, but also lets the phone sit upright, a definite advantage over most of its competitors.


Electronic Repair Kit


One of the major legal battles being fought currently is the right to repair the electronicsthat we buy. Companies like Apple have made it virtually impossible for the average consumer to repair their Apple device should it break, and it forces people to go out and purchase a new one. Fortunately, other companies, like iFixit, have released a line of repair kits that are designed to help consumers not just fix their devices, but even upgrade them. These kids come with a variety of different tools, all of which can open just about anything imaginable.


Google Smart Speaker


Google, the tech giant that has just about taken over the internet, also offers a range of hardware that any technology enthusiast would love to have in their homes. From Pixel phones to Chromebooks, there are few products quite like Google’s and their Smart Speaker is possibly one of the best. Packed with high quality speakers, the Smart Speaker can complete a bunch of functions thanks to its baked-in Google Assistant. It can answer questions in real time, play any music from your playlists, start up online casino Kenyagames, and can even be used to control other devices that are connected to it or your Google account. It’s a great piece to have in any home, and pairs extremely well with Google’s other smart devices.


Smart Projector


There are a lot of smart products around, and for good reason. Even something as basic as a projector contains more processing power than even the most powerful computers just a few decades ago. The leader of the pack right now is the Ankola Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector, an attractive little device that’s capable of projecting high-definition video up to 100 inches in front of it. On top of that, it has a speaker built right in, meaning that it’s an all-in-one movie theatre – the best part, however, is that it’s about the size of a soda can.

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