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The Biggest Ecological Problems We Are Facing Right Now

The world’s ecosystems are not in the best state at the moment. Find out what our biggest, most important issues are currently and how serious they are.

Viernes, 20 de Noviembre de 2020 | 21:33 (actualizado a las 21:34)
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Our Most Pertinent Ecological Concerns


Climate change is the name given to the phenomena of a number of factors changing the overall, long-term climate conditions of a biosphere, and it’s for this reason that it’s not really suitable for what we’re going through at the moment. The destruction and pollution of the planet is systematic, meaning that not only do we have to deal with a changing climate, but also the consequences of serious pollution.


Here we will explore some of the major ecological problems that the human race has created and why they deserve all of our immediate attention.


Industrial Runoff


The ocean has become something of a dumping ground for much of our industrial pollution, and leading the charge is runoff, which is usually composed of a wide number of pollutants, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, and more. The problem here is that all life comes from the ocean, and even life on land relies heavily on the oceans being healthy. A great example is methylmercury, which is an organic metal that’s been dumped into the ocean for decades as part of industrial power-generation runoff. This mercury has infected much of the fish that we eatand is beginning to have long-term effects on the human race, such as DNA damage.




The forests of the world have collectively but reduced by around 50% in the last 200 years, and many experts are calling it a “planetary emergency.” Indeed, without our forests, which sequester carbon, filter toxins, harbour biodiversity, we can expect that the human race will suffer greatly. Almost 500 natural trees are cut down every single second, and it’s causing a rate of extinction that hasn’t been experienced by life on earth for millions of years. Without our forests to hold back the amount of carbon we’re spilling into the oxygen; the Hothouse Earth effect will only be accelerated until entire regions of the planet are no longer habitable for any life at all.


Soil Erosion


While this isn’t directly linked to the warming of the planet, it poses an existential problem that will affect everyone one day. Modern agricultural practices, namely those involving heavy tilling of soil and the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals, is starting to leave our topsoil completely depleted. Topsoil makes up just a fraction of the upper layer of soil where we grow our food, but it’s essential to sustain any crop growth, and we’re losing more of it than is being replenished. In fact, this is such a major problem that scientists believe that globally we only have around 60 harvests left, meaning that we will need to start changing the way that we grow crops around the world.


There Is Hope


Despite all these major challenges that the human race is facing right now, we have the knowledge, the money, whether from donations or winning big at onlinecasino.com.pk, and the technology to fix them and create a planet that has enough for every living human while also sustaining the ecosystems that we need to survive.


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