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The Easiest Vegan Snacks Made From Minimal Ingredients

Being a vegan is a lot easier than many people make it out to be, especially when it comes to snacks. Find out which vegan snacks are super easy to make.

Viernes, 20 de Noviembre de 2020 | 21:23 (actualizado a las 21:24)
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The Healthiest Vegan Snacks To Make At Home


Veganism is quickly becoming more than a simple trend. With millions of people turning to plant-based alternatives every single year, we’re seeing massive drops in the amount of animal products being purchased. But veganism remains a bit of a contentious issue for some, often because many believe that vegan food is not that tasty and that there aren’t that many recipes available.


We’re going to break down some of those myths by looking at the various kinds of vegan snacks that can be made easily at home.


Roasted Chickpeas


Also known as Garbanzo beans, chickpeas are among the most popular snacks in the world. Packed with tons of protein, among other vitamins and minerals, everyone should give chickpeas a mix, regardless of whether they are vegan or not. One of the best ways of eating them is by roasting them, which simply involves laying down cooked chickpeas on a baking tray, covering with salt, paprika, and a bit of olive oil. Bake for around 40 to 45 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius to make a really tasty and healthy snack.


Overnight Oats


Oatmeal is among the world’s favourite staples, and there are a few different ways of preparing oats. One that’s quickly gaining popularity is overnight oats, where oats are combined with other ingredients and then left in the fridge overnight. The other ingredients can be just about anything, but some recommended options include berries, nuts, seeds, and more. Not only does this make a really great breakfast, but it’s overflowing with antioxidants.




Popcorn is a cheap and healthy snack that most people will make unhealthy by covering it with salt and butter. There is a second option, however: nooch. Also commonly known as nutritional yeast, this is actually made up of inactivated yeast flakes that have a mild but tasty cheese flavour. Sprinkling this on popcorn is a great alternative to salt or butter, with the added benefit of being healthy. It might be worth looking for nooch that is fortified with B12 for an extra daily boost, making it the perfect snack for watching a movie or checking out online casino Sri Lankagames.


Mixed Nuts


Mixed nuts are always a favourite, and for good reason. Not only do they taste good, but nuts have been linked to a wide range of health benefits, and studies have shown that eating nuts every day can decrease the enhance of developing heart disease by up to 30%. Most people like to salt their nuts, but it’s best to try and limit the amount of sodium you take in every day – our taste buds can adjust, and before long you won’t be able to enjoy nuts with any salt on them at all.




Guacamole is extremely easy to make and is a top trendalmost every year. Making it easy and it requires that you crush up a ripe avocado, add salt, pepper, cumin, lemon juice, and any other seasonings, and grind it all into a delicious paste. It pairs very well with a fresh tomato and onion mix, as well as a selection of crunchy vegan-based crackers along the side.

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