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Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About The Gaming Industry

The video game industry has come a long way in a short space of time. Learn a few interesting things that you may not have known about how it has evolved.

Viernes, 18 de Septiembre de 2020 | 19:32 (actualizado a las 19:33)
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Interesting Facts About The Video Game Industry

From Pacman to a multi-billion dollar industry, gaming is one of the leading forms of entertainment in the world. But there is more to this massive, evolving market than meets the eye. Here are a few interesting facts about the world of video games that may just make you change the way you see things.

How Many?

When you’re asked about the biggest consoles over the years, you probably mention the most obvious and iconic; the PS2, the SNES, the Sega Genesis, and such. But how many consoles have actually come out over the years? A dozen or so, right? Wrong. There have been 960 consoles released over the years. Though, of course, the vast majority didn’t exactly make headlines, or have much of an impact.

The Crowning King

Speaking of video game consoles, some have made a splash, while others have made a mega-splash. The bestselling console of all time is the already mentioned PlayStation 2, which managed to sell around 155 million units over the years, around the world. Needless to say, this number reaffirms the fact that until the PS2, video games were not seen as mainstream.

A Simulated Outbreak

If you didn’t already know, epic MMO World of Warcraft once had a simulated virus outbreak, which was used as a way to shake up the game’s formula. But, upon the update going live, player response to the virus was so true to life that it took everyone by surprise. Which is not to say that player’s stayed inside virtual doors and just browsed online casinos, visit blackjack canadato play now, but instead that player movement patterns began to quickly demonstrate a mirrored version of reality

The outcome was so profoundly revealing that epidemiologists study this data today, in order to predict how real-world outbreaks should be handled.

Innovation Champions

When it comes to controller innovation, Nintendo have more or less pioneered the way. The NES utilised the first controller to use the now standard direction pad, after which all other companies quickly followed suit. The SNES then featured a controller with extra shoulder buttons, which also quickly became standard. Then, yes, the N64 used the analogue thumb stick, which was once again adopted by the industry at large.

Size Matters

It seems a bit silly, and more than a touch unnecessary, but the virtual world in Minecraft is really, really big. It is so big, in fact, that it is over 9 million times bigger than the surface of the Earth. Of course, the vast majority of gamers will see nothing more than a tiny fraction of it, which makes you wonder why it is so big in the first place.

The Ultimate Collection

Antonio Monteiro, a Texas resident, currently has the largest video game collection of all time. In his library is a total of 20,139 games. A fun side fact is that it took Guinness World Record officials 8 full days to count the collection, which more or less speaks for itself.

A Failure?

The story goes that E.T was the game that crashed the United States video game market in the 80s. It may have been a trigger, but E.T certainly wasn’t the only reason, or even a failure as far as video games are concerned. Rather, the industry crash was brought on by an increased output of low-quality gamesby the industry at large.

More to the point, the E.T game sold around 1.5 million copies, which is significantly more than the celebrated ‘mega-hit’ Space Invaders, which sold only around 1 million copies. Perspective really does matter.

Godfather Tragedy

The Godfather video game, released in 2006, originally had a good amount of dialogue recorded by the legend himself; Marlon Brando. But, sadly, due to the recorded dialogue being mostly incomprehensible, the spoken lines were replaced at the last minute by a Brando impersonator. It seems that in his final days, Brando wasn’t much of a voice actor.

Scarface Success

The Scarface game also released in 2006, and also had an impersonator doing the lines of the lead character. But in this case Al Pacino worked hand in hand with Vivendi and found a voice actor that was as close to the real thing as possible. This is why the spoken dialogue in the game is virtually indistinguishable from Pacino himself.

Jump Man And Lady

If anyone has ever smugly told you that globally known character Mario started his life in Super Mario Bros, they’d be fibbing. Mario, in fact, first appeared in the ground-breaking game Donkey Kong. Only then he was known by a much simpler name; Jump Man. The woman he was rescuing from Kong was known simply as Lady, though she would later go on to be referred to as Pauline. Not Princess Peach then, which is a tad confusing.

Revolution X

Acclaimed rock band Aerosmith once stared in a video game, which has now largely been forgotten by the industry at large. The arcade game released in 1994, called Revolution X, and was an on-rails shooter. The player was tasked by band members, the real members in recorded, low quality videos, to defeat a dystopian overlord. After being deemed an unimpressive, lame cash grab, the band distanced themselves from the game, which quickly faded from arcades.

How Things Change

Consider this for a serious bit of perspective adjustment. A modern calculator, namely the Texas Instruments TI-83, has officially been programmed to run a handful of Commodore 64 games. This means, yes, that a calculator of today is as powerful as a multi-million dollar earning gaming console from a few decades ago.

Nearly 30 And Counting

There is a perception that the vast majority of gamers are teenagers. But this is only true to a certain extent. Although a large percentage of the market is in the teenager bracket, the average age is, in fact, 28 years old for marquee tents.More to the point, as of right now, in the United States roughly 60% of the population plays.

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