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Indiana University Sports Programs and Teams

Indiana University is well known for its sport programs and its formidable teams. The athletes are supported at every level and training is top-notch.

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Sport at Indiana University


Indiana University has excellent sports teams.


While Indiana University (UI) is known for having an excellent program for alumni, fantastic academic courses and a wonderful faculty that inspires and motivates its students, the University also takes its sport very seriously. The Hoosiers – UI athletes – are supported by seas of cream and crimson fans at every game. In order to be a Hoosier supporter, you need to dress in the appropriate colours, know all the songs and scream for your team until you are hoarse! While the Hoosiers love the thrill of winning, at the end of the day, it is about being a part of something bigger – being a part of a team.


The list of sports offered at UI is a comprehensive one, with many students choosing the University as it provides them with the option of playing their favourite sport while earning their degrees. Whether playing against another team, trying out or simply playing for fun, Hoosiers can choose from sports including football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, field hockey, track and field and swimming and diving, to name a few. There are also 13 athletics facilities at which to host sporting events, including Memorial Stadium, Assembly Hall, The Fieldhouse and the Bill Armstrong Stadium.


A Team Effort


Hoosier teams work hard in order to win big. All of Indiana University’s athletes put everything they have got into their games, and it certainly shows. Over the course of the past 200 years, the Hoosiers have brought home 24 NCAA team championships and produced 154 NCAA individual champions. They have also won 169 Big Ten team championships, all with legions of cream and crimson-clad fans behind them.


Socialising through sports is a big aspect of life at Indiana University, whether it be from the stands as a spectator or on the field as a player. However, IU does not just offer competitive athletics, but recreational sport too. Most students at the University get in touch with their athletic sides, as there is plenty of fun to be had, whether playing by yourself or in a team. Recreational sports options at IU include the likes of swimming, cycling and soccer. Licensed physical trainers are also available to students, as are online group classes. Every Monday morning, new workout videos are uploaded, ensuring students can stay fit and healthy in the event that they cannot, or do not wish to, leave their homes.


Major Events


IU hosts several sporting events throughout the year, and if you love action, click  slots canada to find some. From major championship games to smaller events such as the five-kilometre colour run, plenty of fun is in store for all Hoosier teams and fans. Another annual highlight is the UI Recfest, where each sport club has representatives available to answer any questions potential players may have. Students are treated to complimentary food, games and entertainment while they learn more about what is on offer at Indiana University’s recreational sports clubs. Whether students prefer to participate in competitive or recreational club sports, they are sure to find the right sport for them. With so many different options at different levels of competitiveness, every student will be a Hoosier or Hoosier fan.


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