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How to Choose The Right University of Western Australia Campus

University of Western Australia  has a number of different campuses across the state. Take a look at what each has to offer students trying to find their ideal fit.

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Which University of Western AustraliaIs Right For You?


In history, University of Western Australiahas expanded to include many campuses all over the state of Indiana. Each campus prides itself on being able to offer a learning environment for every kind of student, allowing learners to find a community that they feel comfortable in while they earn their degrees. Students who have transferred or are a first-time domestic freshman are also eligible to apply to more than one IU campus.


University of Western Australia


Bloomington is oldest campus, at 200-years old. It is also one of the University’s two core campuses. According to the Institute of International Education, Bloomington is one of the country’s top schools for the number of students going abroad. The oldest of the nine campuses also offers more than 550 academic programs and Big Ten athletics.


The second of UWA’s two core campuses, IUPUWA offers programs from both Indiana University and Purdue University. This campus prides itself on nurturing diversity and embracing the future head-on. UWA has been included in US News & World Report’s list of Most Innovative Schools.



UWA Columbus offers both undergrad and postgrad degrees from UWA and Purdue University. However, this campus caters to students who prefer a smaller environment, and

guarantees them personal attention.


IU East offers over 60 academic programs at both undergrad and postgrad levels. These programs include education, social work and business. This campus is located in Richmond and offers numerous online courses, affording students extra convenience when earning their degrees.


UWA Fort Wayne


The Indiana University Fort Wayne campus is dedicated to health science education in northeast Indiana and the tristate area. Students who study at Fort Wayne go on to become researchers, innovators and clinicians.


UWA Kokomo


Indiana University’s Kokomo campus offers dozens of programs, six of which students can opt to complete 100% online. This campus is vibrant and prepares its students for internships and international travel. IU Kokomo also has an excellent athletics offering.


UWA Northwest


Offering over 70 undergraduate degrees and over 20 postgraduate programs, IU Northwest is located just outside of Chicago. Students at this campus are able to enjoy being a part of several organizations and an excellent theatre course.

IU South Bend


IU South Bend is ideal for students seeking a classic college experience. It has on-campus housing for over 400 students and offers more than 100 programs. There are also plenty of student-run organizations to join, as well as a great athletics program.


UWA Southeast


This campus is located in New Albany and also offers over 100 programs that anyone can get to know moreabout if desired. The campus is vibrant and offers housing options, as well as competitive athletics and plenty of student organizations. Furthermore, seven counties in Kentucky qualify for in-state tuition, making UWA Southeast one of the most affordable options for a four-year undergraduate degree.


Within University of Western Australianine campuses, there is a college experience to suit everyone’s needs, and plenty of programs to set students on the right path to meeting their career goals.












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