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The Most Violent Video Games In The History Of The The Most Violent Video Games In The History Of The Industry

Violence has been a staple of video games since the beginning. But take a look at a list of titles that pushed the boundaries in the violence department. 

Viernes, 18 de Septiembre de 2020 | 19:22 (actualizado a las 19:22)
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Most Violent Video Games Of All Time

Today, a video game based entirely around ‘shocking’ violence almost seems quaint. The last title to really try and capitalise on its shocking violence, and not much else, was Hatred, released in 2015. It came and went, there was a brief bit of a kafuffle, and now it is largely forgotten about. Forgotten about mostly because it was based entirely around violence, and otherwise really did suck.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a long list of genuinely violent games, many of which used the shocking violence to emphasise other gameplay mechanics, therefore making them disturbing as well as violent. These are some of those games, and no, we aren’t suggest they are good because of the violence, just that they were pretty damn violent.

Soldier Of Fortune 2

Boy, 2002 sure was a long time ago, and Soldier Of Fortune 2 has probably mostly been forgotten. But go back and play it now, assault your eyes with some truly dated graphics, and witness what happens when a company leans 100% into the violence aspect of a game.

Using id Tech 3, the developers managed to create a fully destructible human head, complete with a little pink brain inside. This means that the sadistic can relish in shooting apart human heads, piece by piece, with a pistol. Hooray. The game itself was okay, as far as FPS went, but you’d probably find more genuine entertainment when you click this link.

Manhunt 1 and 2

The Manhunt games were a bit of an anomaly. Released by Rockstar, who aren’t exactly strangers to controversy, the first game caused a frenzy of horrified gasps in 2003.  The second was largely banned, but eventually released on PC in 2007.

Today, as with Soldier of Fortune, the Manhunt games look pretty dated compared to 2020’s top releases. But there is still something rather off-putting and ghoulish as to how committed the Manhunt games are to depicting horrible murder in strikingly realistic ways. Covering a man’s face with a plastic bag, and repeatedly punching him as he suffocates, is pretty rough, no matter how dated graphics are.

Hotline Miami 1 And 2

As to how fun the Manhunt games are is up for debate, but one thing most can agree on is that the Hotline Miamigames are damn good fun. Though, they are also outrageously violent to absurd degrees.

Hotline Miami gets away with it by using stylishly retro graphics, but the acts of violence themselves aren’t any less horrifying. By the end of each level, the ground is literally a carpet of blood, chunks of brain, and severed limbs. Still, it is a damn fun game.

Any Modern Mortal Kombat

Remember when Nintendo’sMortal Kombat caused controversy back in the 90s? Have you seen a modern Mortal Kombat? It’s a bit of a joke to think that the pixelated violence of the first Mortal Kombat helped to create the ratings system, while the modern versions have more insanely detailed face slicing, limb breaking, and torso exploding than is reasonable.

They’re also awesome.



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