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Every Disney Movie Ever Made Features One Or More Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys in Disney movies are a real charm. And to the inexperienced eye, it’s a fantastic adventure trying to find them all – they’re everywhere!

Viernes, 18 de Septiembre de 2020 | 19:16 (actualizado a las 19:17)
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Our Favourite Hidden Mickeys In Disney Films

It’s a question that often comes up: how old were you when you discovered your first hidden Mickey in a Disneymovie? And needless to say, many people aren’t too eager to provide a completely honest answer! But the well-hidden nature of Disney’s hidden Mickeys only adds even more special charm to this recurring easter egg.

These are just some of the Mickey’s hiding away in our favourite Disney movies of all time.

Toy Story 3

Fancy all the weird and wacky lovable toy characters scattered across Andy’s room? It would be hard not to. His wall hangings and decorations were quite the fantastic mash-up too. But our favourite has got to be the Mikey clock hanging on Andy’s wall.

Lilo & Stitch

The story of Lilo & Stitchis often quoted as firm favourite among movie-goers both old and young. The movie tells the story about an alien disguised as a dog being taught the real meaning and beauty of loving and being loved by a little girl. Set in Hawaii, the filmmakers originally considered rural Kentucky or Kansas before finally settling on the famous island instead.

As for the hidden Mickey to be found in Lilo & Stitch (the movie), Stitch in one of the scenes of the movie can be seen standing underneath an alien throne decorated in alien symbols. A closer look reveals a hidden Mickey among the alien symbols!

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

As far as clear-as-day hidden Mickey symbols go, Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame tops our list. And these are to be found in the beautiful architectureof Notre Dame. There’s a whole bunch of Mickeys hidden in the pillars of the structure.


This particular hidden Mickey isn’t only hidden from plain sight, it’s also beautifully crafted, just like the best Canadian online slots.In a scene depicting old-man Geppetto dancing about his house with a real-boy Pinocchio in his arms, not only is the glove worn by Pinocchio quintessentially Mickey Mouse, but so too is a piece of wooden furniture that can be spotted in the room.

The Great Mouse Detective

This one is admittedly harder to spot than most hidden Mickeys. This is perhaps because of the size and backdrop colouring of this particular hidden Mickey. The movie features a scene depicting a row of arms and hands stretched out in the direction of a dainty cigar waiting to be lit. The arm at the very top of the row sports on the cuff of its coat a tiny Mickey Mouse cufflink.

The Three Caballeros

As if snow-shoveling penguins aren’t huggable enough, Disney simply had to include a bit of extra cuteness for good measure. The yellow-and-orange bucket to the left of the snow-shovelling scene depicts a cute silhouette of none other than Mickey Mouse himself.

A Goofy Movie

As it turns out, even good old Goofy loves his good friend Mickey Mouse. In Disney’s A Goofy Movie, we get to discover that Goofy owns a bright red telephone with a Mickey Mouse figurine doubling up as an old-school support for the telephone’s earpiece.


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