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Healthy And Simple Food For Pope Francis

Pope Francis is known for preaching about a simple approach to life and faith. Learn how he upholds his own teachings at breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Martes, 18 de Agosto de 2020 | 14:56 (actualizado a las 14:56)
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The Favourite Foods Of Pope Francis

Even though they have never met Pope Francis, millions of Catholics who listen to his every feel as though he is their own pastor. Even though they feel close to the pope who is the champion of the poor, they may not be aware that he practises his own teachings even when it comes to the food he eats.

Simplicity Is Key

Simplicity is one of the most notable features of Pope Francis’ diet. Popes of the past may have used gold cutlery to feast on rich, expensive foods and fine wine, but the current pontiff prefers to keep it simple.

Whether his holiness eats at his apartments in the Vatican, at a restaurant, or during his international travels, he does not have extravagant meals. Instead, he asks for meals such as baked chicken or pasta, a salad, and some fruit. He may also have a glass of wine.

The simple menus that Pope Francis enjoys are sanctioned by doctors. Due to his age and various health issues, the pope does not eat some foods. Greasy and spicy foods are forbidden, pasta is limited, and fruit must be seedless.

Freshness Is A Factor

The vegetables, fruit, and herbs are grown, and the animals are raised, on 62 acres of farmland at Castel Gandolfo, the papal summer residence. Some people are willing to place bets with the best winning odds, but the Vatican will take no chances with Pope Francis’ food.

Healthy Food And Favourite Treats

After waking up at 4.30am to pray, meditate, and prepare his morning homily, Pope Francis enjoys a simple breakfast. A typical morning meal for his holiness includes membrillo and fresh orange juice.

His holiness enjoys a light meal for lunch. It may be as simple as fish with grilled tomatoes, skinless chicken with salad, or pasta, polenta, or gnocchi served with a sauce. Sometimes his lunch is as simple as soup and bread. The pope usually ends his lunch with a piece of fruit.

Being the supreme pastor of the Catholic church does not mean that Pope Francis does not enjoy the occasional treat. He is said to enjoy sirloin steak, and he is known to prefer red meat to chicken and fish. He also likes eating asado, calamari, empanadas, hamburgers, risotto, and pizza. On the few occasions that his holiness allows himself the indulgence of a sweet treat, he enjoys dulce de leche sponge cake, alfajores, or ice-cream. When the pope flew back to Rome from the Philippines in 2015, he took with him several cartons of ice-cream in flavours such as brown butter almond brittle, malted milk, and pistachio.

When the pope has something to drink, it is usually water, although he does enjoy a cup of mate from time to time. He also enjoys the occasional glass of wine.

Pope Francis is not a man who lives to eat. Instead, he eats to live, and he has said numerous times that everyone on earth had enough to eat at every mealtime. His philosophy of food also encompasses the joy of giving and receiving hospitality.


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