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Football In Europe And Asia Kicks Off Again

After months of no activity and enforced lockdowns, football is makings a comeback in Europe and Asia. Find out how things have changed for the sport.

Martes, 18 de Agosto de 2020 | 14:53 (actualizado a las 14:54)
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The Restart Of Football In Europe And Asia

2020 has been a chaotic year for sport, to say the least. After months of inactivity that has cost the sport more than €4 billion in Europe alone, football Europe, the UK, and elsewhere has begun what is likely to be a long road to recovery.

Germany And South Korea Lead

After two months of inactivity, South Korea and Germany were the first two countries to revive their professional football leagues, which had been brought to a halt by the global health crisis. 

South Korea’s K League saw players return to the field in early May, while Germany’s Bundesliga started up again in the middle of that month. However, in both cases, things did not return to normal. If any South Korean players or coaching staff fall ill during the season, the entire team will take a mandatory two-week break.

In Germany, several buses are used by one team to ensure players can maintain social distancing while travelling. Players must maintain distancing when seated on the benches, and they cannot celebrate goals by hugging one another as they did in the past. Instead, they have been requested to bump elbows or boots together. Furthermore, several balls are available for each game, and every ball has been disinfected.

No doubt fans of sports betting are glad, as they must have been getting worried, unlike fans of real money pokies who can play online. Games are played in stadiums that are empty except for the players, coaching staff, medics, and security.

Spain’s La Liga And Italy’s Serie A

An agreement between the Spanish Football Federation and La Liga saw the sport restart in Spain in June so that the season can be concluded. In a bid to make up for lost time, the league will see matches take place on every day of the week, with some of them starting as late as 11pm at night. However, teams cannot play more than two matches in 72 hours. 

Italy’s Serie A was able to begin again in mid-June, although players had been training in groups of 10 since mid-May, in line with the permission given by prime minister Giuseppe Conte. The teams must comply with various health and safety measures, and they need to be aware that the league could be cancelled again, if the public health situation worsens.

The UK’s Premier League

The English Premier League resumed its season in mid-June, and as with the leagues on the continent, strict health and safety measures are in place. The matches are played behind closed doors, and the empty stadiums are a new experience for players as well as for fans who bet, watch or listen to live broadcasts.

Instead of the usual chants, songs, and cheers that fill the stadiums, they are now eerily quiet. There is so little noise that those watching on TV can hear the ball hitting the net. 

There has been little to no indication as to when the stadiums will be opened up to fans again. Like the restarting of Argentina’s Primera Division, it may not happen until next year.


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