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Know When The Pumas Are A Rugby Betting Option | Rafaela

Argentina’s rugby union fans have a rollercoaster relationship with the Pumas. Learn how to tell when it is a good time to put a bet on the national team.

Lunes, 25 de Mayo de 2020 | 14:56 (actualizado a las 14:57)
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Rugby Betting: When To Back The Pumas

Many sports betting enthusiasts in Argentina are fans of rugby union but have a love/hate relationship with the national team. The Pumas fearlessly take on much stronger opponents, but their win record does not always make them an attractive prospect when placing wagers at online or mobile betting sites.

However, Argentina’s record in international rugby reveals some occasions when it is both wise and patriotic to back them. There are also times when betting on them is a very bad idea. Your gaming results will become much more consistent if you learn to tell the difference between the two.

Taking On Top Tier

In the 2014 Rugby Championship, the third since Argentina’s addition to the Tri-Nations caused the name change, the Pumas beat Australia27-19 in Mendoza. It was their first Rugby Championship win: to date, the team’s victory tally in this competition stands at just five, after 42 matches.

However, the 2014 victory was Argentina’s first against Australia since 1997, and it marked the Pumas’ return to serious competition against top-tier sides. In the six years since then, they have beaten Australia again, South Africa and Italy three times each, France twice and Ireland once.

When the side is on top form, it is worth backing Argentina against any of the European Six Nations teams, or even rugby giants like Australia or South Africa.

Always Bet On Argentina When…

If the Pumas are playing Brazil, Chile, Georgia, Namibia, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Spain, Tonga, the United States, Uruguay or Venezuela, be sure to bet on Argentina. The team has a 100% win record against all those nations so it’s a favouritewhen apostas esportivas no Brasiland elsewhere. However, they have played Peru and Venezuela only once and Tonga twice, so those results are less reliable.

Argentina also has a better-than-50% win record against Canada, Fiji, Italy and Japan, and with nine wins and nine losses, their record against Scotland is exactly 50/50. So, if you reckon the current Pumas team is in fine form the next time they take on any of these sides, they could reward a careful bet.

Never Bet On Argentina When…

Don’t put a wager on the Pumas, home or away, when they play New Zealand. Argentina have lost 28 of the 29 matches they’ve played against the All Blacks, hanging on for one draw way back in 1985.

And although a strong Argentina side might beat England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland individually, the Pumas have lost six times in six meetings with the British and Irish Lions, so it’s also not a bet you should expect to come off.

Apart from the Lions and the All Blacks, and some Invitation XVs, there is only one other team with a 100% record of never losing to Argentina: Zimbabwe. Which is odd, because the two sides have never met in the modern era.

They played exactly one match, back when Zimbabwe was called Southern Rhodesia and Harare was called Salisbury, when Argentina first toured southern Africa in 1965. The home side won by 17 points to 12. Nowadays, however, a bet on the Pumas against Zimbabwe would not be a long shot.

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