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Pay Attention To Latest Trends In Digital Tech | Rafaela

Digital technology keeps improving at ever-increasing speeds. Here are some of the latest life-altering innovations you might consider investing in.

Lunes, 25 de Mayo de 2020 | 14:43 (actualizado a las 13:41)
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Digital Tech Trends To Watch

Digital technology keeps improving at an increasing pace, and every year brings different trends or new fields to explore. Sometimes, these are undiscovered fields that did not even exist a year or two earlier, so it isn’t always possible to predict what will happen next in technology.

However, some general trends are too obvious to ignore, even if many of the details have yet to be worked out. Here are some exciting frontiers of technology that you may want to keep an eye on, if you’re considering investing.


AI And Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been major areas of study for several years now, and we may be getting them rightat last. The speed and accuracy with which AI algorithms can analyse data, and create predictive models from it, improves year on year. It is expected to do so even more rapidly throughout 2020.

This will not only make everybody’s data analytics more effective, a vital feature of modern business, but it should also sort out the bugs in conversational interfaces. Stress with Siri may be a thing of the past, and a whole range of new possibilities will open upwith the next generation of voice-to-text programs and voice-operated technology.

Security And Privacy

Threats posed by hackers and malware continue to be a factor in the cyber industry, so don’t expect the evolution of security tools to slow down anytime soon. As the criminals become more sophisticated, so too must our defences against them.

Laws like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation also focus global attention on users’ privacy online, so expect some solid innovations in security and privacy from major cyber companies in the years to come. It is predicted that there will be 3.5-million jobs in cybersecurity going unfilled by 2021, so the field offers a massive growth and training opportunity.

Faster Connections

In spite of mad conspiracy theories, 5G technology continues to be rolled out apace around the world. The result will be more reliable mobile networks with faster broadband speeds, making them even more suited to playing online for real money. Hot on its heels is Wi-Fi 6; a different technology to 5G, but one which has the same effect on your devices: faster connectivity.

Better connections and faster data speeds are like the spine of the system, whereas many other innovations are more like the organs of the body. 5G and Wi-Fi 6 will be the invisible core that allows other appendages, like AI, autonomous vehicles or robotic process automation, to function at peak efficiency.

Autonomous Drones and Vehicles

This is another area that is apt to stoke dystopian fears, especially when the technology is adapted for the police or armed forces. The possibilities offered by drone product deliveries and driverless cars, however, mean that several major companies are working on making this tech a reality in the near future.

At the same time, expect new and improved robotic process automation, or RPA, to continue lowering costs and saving time in manufacturing processes. The combination of autonomous vehicles, RPA and reliable, fast connections through 5G and Wi-Fi 6 holds some truly staggering possibilities for manufacturing and services.

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