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Find Out if Your Favourite Football Players Made the Top 3

Argentina is justifiably considered to be a powerhouse in terms of world Football. Discover which of this country’s players rank as the best ever.

Martes, 14 de Abril de 2020 | 13:41 (actualizado a las 13:42)
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The Top Three Argentine Footballers of All Time


With two International Federation of Association Football World Cups to their name, it’s obvious that Argentina is a major force when it comes to The Beautiful Game. Currently at ninth place in the World Rankings, they’ve boasted some of the finest names this sport has ever seen.


Alfredo di Stefano


Although Alfredo di Stefano doesn’t stack up against his counterparts on this list in terms of international contributions to his home country, there are few footballers who can match him in the history of the game. He was vital to Real Madrid’s success in the late 1950s and has retained his legendary status at arguably the biggest club in the game in the years since then.


Even though he only scored six caps and six goals, he will remain on lists like these for all time.


Lionel Messi


At 32-years of age, Lionel is lauded by many as perhaps the greatest player in history. His achievements at Barcelona have caused many upsets and more than warranted this high praise and his goal-to-game-ratio clocking in at 0.72 goals scored every time he appears on the field.


Like Di Stefano who preceded him, Messi is without a doubt the main attraction for a team that’s known many superstars. He’s won 10 La Liga, six Copas del Rey, and four UEFA Champions League titles over the course of his career.


Messi’s list of individual accolades, like the games at your favourite online gambling casino, is too long to list in full, but his six FIFA Ballon d’Or awards and a world-record of 91 goals in a calendar year, 96 if you’re counting friendlies, deserve a mention.


He has managed to score a record 70 goals in 138 caps for Argentina, and 498 goals in total.


Diego Maradona


Held in the same high esteem as Pelé from Brazil, Diego Maradona was as controversial a player as he was brilliant. His career could possibly be summed by the World Cup match he took part in against the English in 1986, where he punched the ball into the back of the net with help from God himself before scoring what very well may be the single greatest goal of all time!


That same 1986 Tournament was the peak of Maradona’s august career as he almost dragged Argentina to what would have been their second FIFA World Cup win without help from anyone else. He was naturally voted the finest player of the Tournament, he scored the most goals overall, and also picked up the most assists in what can only be described as a brilliant display of truly unparalleled talent.


Maybe Maradon’s trophy cabinet at Club-level is not as full as someone with his amount of natural talent can rightly expect it to be, but his achievements run a lot deeper than the silverware you will find there.


He took a rough-at-the-edges Napoli-side and helped them to two Serie A titles, a Coppa Italia, and a UEFA Cup, won trophies at Barcelona, and managed 91 caps and 31 goals in his time on the field.



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