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Check Out the Hottest Current Lifestyle Trends Worldwide

As changeable as lifestyle trends are these days, if something’s working for you, keep doing it. But experimenting with something new never hurt either.

Martes, 14 de Abril de 2020 | 13:39 (actualizado a las 13:39)
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The Latest Lifestyle Trends


Culture shifts and people’s preferences change and evolve.


Whether it’s using exercise-friendly furniture like stand-up desks to improve your physical health or learning a foreign language on your smartphone to sharpen your intellect, your habits will change. Some things stick, however, forming trends, and these are the most interesting.


Less is still more as we ride out what’s turned out to be a very difficult year so far. Perhaps this is in response to the chaos of the outside world? Wellness and self-care are also still at the top of the list, possibly for the same reason.


Naps Get the Notice They Deserve


Research has proven that taking a short nap in the middle of the day, even just 20 minutes, helps us handle stress better, improves our overall performance, reduces our reaction time, and boosts memory.


If it’s at all possible for you, try and work a little shut eye into your workday routine.


Plant-Based Skin Products Remain Popular


The organic personal-care sector has grown from a niche market to a huge industry that will be worth over US$25 billion by 2025 according to Grand View Research.


Products range from more expensive items to those most of us can afford thanks to the upsurge in the sales of those featuring vegan and animal-friendly ingredients. Brands retailing these are up by almost 20%, which means they’re becoming more within the reach of those of us with more moderate budgets. You don’t need to spend your top Aussie online slots games’ winnings on ethical choices anymore!


Robots as Pet Sitters


Artificial intelligence is becoming more entrenched every day it seems, and now not only can robots see to many of our needs, but those of our pets as well.

Robot pet sitters have been in development for three years now, and devices are becoming available on the market that allows you to play with your cat or dog via an app on your phone.


Moving Into Your Car


Recreational vehicles are no longer just used by Americans to travel across their country in the summer. More and more people are opting to live in one the whole year-round.


In addition to senior citizens turning RV parks into veritable retirement communities, Millennials are choosing to live like this because it’s so much more affordable.


RV sales have increased dramatically, and manufacturers are starting to add more modern touches to the conveyances, like solar power, stainless steel appliances, and Wi-Fi.


Learning New Languages With Smart Speakers


There are so many benefits to knowing a language other than your own, including the fact that it’s been shown to prevent dementia, improve your decision-making skills, and increase your ability to multitask. And that’s not even taking how much better your CV will look into account.


Increasingly, people are speaking at least two languages, and the number keeps growing all over the world. Phone apps to teach you are hot products, and smart home devices are beginning to enter the market as well. Google plans to make its Assistant able to chat in French and German in addition to English, for example.



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