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Put These Places at the Top of Your List When in Argentina

Argentina is home to many wonders. It’s a top spot for tourists from around the world and its own citizens, and these places are secret pieces of heaven.

Martes, 14 de Abril de 2020 | 13:34 (actualizado a las 13:35)
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The Top Five Hidden Treasures in Argentina


Argentina is an immense country and hosts some of the world’s most breath-taking natural wonders.


It ranks at No.4 in terms of the most visited places on earth, with almost 7 million tourists streaming in each year to see the Salinas Grandes in Jujuy, the Perito Moreno Glacier in Santa Cruz, the Talampaya National Park in La Rioja, the Selva Misionera in Misiones, and the Río Mina Clavero in Córdoba.


But, as wonderful as these places are, squeezing into any space available to get a picture because there are hundreds of people there thanks to how popular these places are is no fun. Why not check out these equally incredible, less-well-known places to enjoy the incredible experiences this country can deliver instead?


Taking the time to visit these spots will ensure you have something different from the norm to tell your friends and family when you return!


Charles Darwin’s Beach


Mar del Plata is justly famous and, as a result, gets absolutely jam-packed in the summer. Avoid this tourist-trap entirely. Keep on driving until you get to the nature reserve of Pehuén Co, where you’ll be able to relax.


Not many people know about this beach, even though it is a UNESCO site, and the quiet town boasts stretches of white sand and ideal conditions for surfing. It is pretty as a picture and home to rock formations more than five million years old, discovered by the renowned by the English biologist, geologist, and naturalist Charles Darwin.


The site, Monte Hermoso was once a riverbed teeming with life, including giant sloths, and will rock your world like a good session of playing NZ slots for real money does!


Minas de Wanda, in Misiones


You can’t visit Argentina without seeing the Igauzú Falls, and the good news is that one of our secret spots is just a quick detour from this natural wonder. Minas de Wanda is a gemstone site, just 62 kilometres from Puerto Igauzú, or just over 38 miles.


Take the Ruta 12, which connects Puerto Igauzú and Posada, and, eventually, you’ll get to Wanda, famous for its semi-precious stone mines, all filled with agate, amethyst, and topaz, to name just a few. You can even buy some jewellery from the mines when you are done exploring it on one of the guided tours!


The Shipwreck of the Desdemona, in Cabo San Pablo


If you plan to visit Tierra del Fuego, make sure you have enough time to check out the Shipwreck of the Desdemona too, rated as one of the eeriest in the world. You can only get there by car, travelling 170 kilometres, or just over 100 miles, from Ushuaia, on Ruta 3.


It is almost untouched by visiting masses and a truly spectacular sight.


The Desdemona’s tragic end occurred in 1985 when she ran aground whilst on a trip from Comodoro Rivadavia. She now rests on this Cabo San Pablo shore and will spend the rest of her days being eroded as she slowly turns to rust.

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