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5 Easy Tips To Plan A Perfect Summer Picnic

Planning a perfect picnic in summer does not need to be difficult. Get 5 easy tips that can help you choose food, entertainment, and other elements.

Martes, 18 de Agosto de 2020 | 14:58 (actualizado a las 14:58)
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How To Plan The Perfect Summer Picnic

Summertime means socialising, dining, relaxing, and having fun with family and friends outdoors. Find out how to bring all those elements together by planning and hosting a perfect summer picnic.

1. Find A Picnic Spot

The varied landscape of Argentina means you can enjoy picnics in all sorts of settings. Depending on where you are, you can enjoy a relaxing outdoor meal at the beach, in the mountains, in meadows, in parks, and elsewhere. It can be easier to plan your meal and entertainment once you have chosen a picnic spot.

2. Plan Your Picnic Menu

Even though grilling meat over hot coals is popular, the point of a picnic is to take pre-made food so there is no need to make a fire or to cook at the site. Keep this in mind when planning your picnic menu.

The foods you choose should be easy to transport, and they should be easy to eat with your hands – even if you plan to take cutlery in your picnic basket. Try to include food that do not need constant refrigeration, even if you do take a cooler.

A few great recipe and food ideas include deli meats and a variety of cheese, olives and other pickles, fresh baguettes or other bread, boiled eggs, cold roast chicken, chips, fresh crispy vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, green beans, and celery, dips, pastries, and fresh fruit. For drinks, try to avoid sugary sodas. Instead, take water, fruit juice, and some wine or prosecco.

3. Decide On Entertainment

When it comes to the perfect summer picnic, some form of entertainment is just as important as the food. Those who want to use the time to enjoy some sports betting on their mobile devices should register right now so that it is done. Take items such as a pack of playing cards, a ball, a frisbee, and a boardgame.

4. Make A Mini First Aid Kit

There usually is the risk of cuts, scrapes, sunburn, and insect bites or stings when on a summer picnic, so be sure to take a mini first aid kit. Take plasters, tweezers, antiseptic ointment, antihistamines if anyone has allergies, sunblock, gauze dressing, a bandage, safety pins, and headache tablets.

5. A Picnic Basket And Blanket

A picnic basket and one or more blankets large enough for everyone to sit on are indispensable elements of a traditional summer picnic. If you have waterproof sheeting that you can put under the blanket in case the ground is damp, even better.

Your basket should be large enough to contain food and drinks that do not need to be kept cool, as well as plates, cutlery, a serving/cutting board, and cups or glasses. Consider taking a cooler with ice bricks for food and drink that needs to be kept cold. Put the mini first aid kit, a pack of handwipes, a toilet roll, board games, cards, and other items for entertainment in a separate basket or bag.

Make the most of the months of sunshine and warmth. Use these tips to plan a summer picnic to remember.

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